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Helping food companies to consolidate their fresh produce requirements

Delivering excellence through passion, experience and knowledge

Delivering consistency as a single supply source for all your fresh produce needs

Adding value with fresh produce, quality controlled to your technical specifications

MD shares its passion for quality fresh produce by ensuring clients only receive the freshest picked produce.

Our expertise and focus on supplying to specification has allowed us to be successful in promoting a wide range of produce from varying provenance.

Our products includes seasonal British produce, Salads, Herbs, Fruits (including Exotics) and Ethnic Vegetables.

All produce can be supplied to your requirements, whether loose or pre-packed. Additional services are also available which are undertaken in our dedicated grading rooms.

In addition to fresh produce, we can also supply prepped and frozen produce. Please contact the sales team to discuss your requirements.

Explore the world of Fresh Produce with MD as your consolidated supplier