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Delivering consistency as a single supply source for all your fresh produce needs

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24/7 Serviced Operation

We truly are a 24/7 operation. Taking into account the vast time differences between our supply source and end markets, we have a 24 hour sales and procurement department. This enables us to source throughout the evening and night from the Americas and Caribbean, speak to our clients in Canada and the USA, then switching early morning, to our Far Eastern and European markets. MD is a company with true global outreach, supported by a proactive management team, who are quick to adapt to market trends. We are always available for any last minute orders and can deliver or export goods to support our client’s businesses.

We have the flexibility in delivery/collection schedules to work with your business, rather than dictate a schedule. We can also react to your needs for an immediate delivery, should you have a production shortfall.


Our strong and enviable relationships with the major airline carriers, allows many of our clients to adopt a ‘Just-in-Time’ approach to fresh produce procurement