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Category Management

The company has combined over four decades of knowledge and experience in the fresh produce industry. As such, our ability to source products worldwide is second to none.

Our procurement team has a wealth of experience that allows them to procure produce when best in season, suggest alternative country of origins, and most importantly, take advantage of price fluctuations between grower-countries. All of this is achieved without compromising on our commitment to quality and food safety. This knowledge base should give your end consumer an improved shelf life and better value for money.

Naturally, the marketing intelligence gathered over the years, is based on a number of factors including consumer demographics. Working together, this information can be shared, helping you to inform your customers, allowing us to both grow and build a long term partnership.

Our category management services can help you to identify profitable lines, maximise revenues, or advise on display and presentation techniques. In addition to this we can help you to analyse your consumer demographics and recommend a suitable product range.


Working together to build a long-term partnership…